Do you want to fall in love with Instagram again? 

Let's breathe new life into your account, find that motivation to up your game and achieve significantly improved results

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I would urge any small business to take this course. It's an investment I wish I had made a long time ago. 

- Flora

If you find yourself feeling a tad frustrated by Insta or would like to learn how to unlock its full potential for your business then this course has been designed for you! 


A three week course designed to make
your Instagram flourish 


InstaThrive has been so eye opening and informative.  Milla has taken the stress out of posting.  She's taught me how to plan for the months ahead and given me a focus rather than just posting random posts here and there with no real purpose.

This course has been a lifesaver, and I would recommend to anyone who's not sure what they're doing on Instagram. Milla is amazing!


got her groove back:


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


InstaThrive is a video module course, modules are released weekly for you to watch at your own pace. A live Q&A session occurs each week to delve into the content and address your questions. 

The course has been carefully structured to guide you through every step, whether you’re just starting out or already have an established following. 

You'll be fully supported throughout via email, direct message and the private Facebook group, which is also a hub of inspiration, encouragement, and networking opportunities.

Sounds great. What exactly will I learn?

How it works

  • Optimising your bio to attract and engage your most relevant followers
  • Understanding the algorithms to ensure you're using to your advantage 
  • Planning a consistent approach to build your brand and stay connected with your audience

  • Crafting the most impactful posts to generate sales and enquiries 
  • How to use hashtags to boost your visibility 
  • Mastering Reels to build your followers, expand your reach and engagement and stay relevant

Here's What You'll Learn

Setting up for success

What really works 

Week one 

Week two

  • Tried and tested methods for continual growth
  • Building a relevant and engaged community 
  • Understanding analytics to accelerate your growth
  • The tools I couldn't have built my Insta without
  • A proactive action plan to go forth and conquer!

Spark your growth

Week three


I’ve been so delighted with the results since I’ve adopted all the newly learnt tips you gave on InstaThrive.

I’ve had heaps of ‘new eyes’ in one period for example, an increase of 512% in 7 days . Amazing! 


had heaps of new eyes on her content 


Be able to create content that drives results 

By the end you will 

Build an engaged community who regularly interact with your content



Create a tribe of loyal followers who want to buy from you or work with you


Beat the overwhelm and be planned and strategic in your approach 



What's included

3 weeks of learning 

Unlimited support

Accountability to keep you on track 

Buy InstaThrive for £299 or two split payments of £149.50

Great Value!

What does                    cost?


Full disclosure: The price may increase for future launches as the course develops

Full disclosure: This price may increase for future launches as the course develops 

join the wait list

An encouraging community of fellow business owners

the price also includes FREE access to two workshops worth £80
Reels for Beginners and How to Hashtag


Brilliant networking opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the course over working 1:1 with you?

How much time will InstaThrive take?

Will I be fully supported?

YES! I'm here to support you every step of the way. You can email me, send a direct message on Instagram, or get in touch during our weekly live Q&A sessions. The Q&A and private support are one of the most valuable aspects of the course (so I'm told!). 

Do I have to have a certain number of followers to join?

The programe is not designed for those with a certain number of followers, it comes down to wanting to see better results. 

You can comfortably complete the course in 1.5 hours each week. Plus, there's a live weekly 1 hour session where I'll answer all your questions. You'll also be set optional weekly tasks to help you put your newfound knowledge into practice. 

While it's ideal to participate live, as it offers weekly challenges and the support of your fellow students in a private Facebook Group, don't worry if your schedule doesn't align with the dates. You'll still have access to all the course materials, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

What if I can’t join the course live?

How long do I have access to the course material for?

3 months from the start date, so you can revisit any module at anytime before the course expires.

The course is much more cost effective than working on a 1:1 basis with me and you'll benefit from networking with other business owners and ongoing support for the 3 week duration. 

be fully supported

learn all you need to know 




InstaThrive was exactly the course I needed to not only give me a much needed confidence boost around marketing through Instagram, but to answer all my questions and many I didn't know I had.   Milla's presentations were clear and easy to understand, her use of a variety of accounts to illustrate her points was very helpful and the worksheets she attached to each module were an excellent way for us to test what we'd learnt.

Best of all, for me, was Milla's availability to answer questions, not just during the Q&A sessions, which were themselves extremely useful, but her willingness to help even after the course was over. This was invaluable for me as I tried out some of what we'd learnt. Milla, you're a font of knowledge and I'm so grateful that I was able to join InstaThrive, it's helped me no end.


I’ve been so delighted with the results since I’ve adopted all the newly learnt tips you gave on InstaThrive.

I’ve had heaps of ‘new eyes’ in one period for example, an increase of 512% in 7 days . Amazing! And new orders received speak for themselves! 

You made the course very digestible for a newbie like me and I’ve learnt so much, so thank you! 


I absolutely loved Milla's InstaThrive course. It was accessible, understandable for a relative newbie and packed with very useful info I never knew existed. I now look at Instagram with completely new eyes and am excited to implement it all.

Milla is extremely friendly, helpful and relatable. I would not hesitate to recommend - in fact I already have!


Insta Thrive gave me everything I need to up my game on Instagram. Jam packed full of information, how tos, examples of what to do and what not to do, tips, watch outs and hacks to make things easier. I am so glad I signed up!! Professional, slick and amazing value for money. Milla has a wonderful laid back professional vibe and she is 100% my ‘go to’ for anything Instagram. I only wish she would do it all for me :)

Us small business owners have to be 'jack of all trades' and I have to admit I've felt slightly out of my depth in the world of social media. InstaThrive has really given me so much knowledge and a far better sense of direction and purpose on Insta (and the rest).

Thank you Milla for all your tips and tricks, all delivered in such a friendly & helpful way.


InstaThrive is all that I wanted and more for a boost to get back into Instagram after a 3 year break, and finding it very daunting. I feel that I finally understand all the capabilities of the app, plus exactly how to make the algorithm work for my instagram marketing goals.

Milla has managed to not only give me all the tools to get back into it again but also made it seem like a far less daunting space, and I'm excited to dive back in. Which is something I never thought I would say. Milla is unbelievably knowledgable about everything from the technology through to the relationship we all have with such an addictive app. I would urge any small business to take this course. It's an investment I wish I had made a long time ago. 


Really helpful and motivating given I'd been falling in and out of love with Insta!

Milla brings everything together in a clear and logical way. I found the run-throughs on her phone with screen share especially well done. Despite knowing lot of the basics, the comprehensive tips across every aspect of insta were so helpful. I also appreciated the open door policy where Milla happily provided her honest 1-to-1 feedback on changes I made to my grid as a result.

I found this course to be incredibly informative and beneficial. It was precisely what I required to reinvigorate our Instagram presence after our account had become dormant over the past few months. The ability to review and download the videos, Q&A sessions, and supplementary videos on Hashtags and Reels for future reference was exceptionally useful.

Milla's professionalism and approachability made the course even more valuable, and I've already recommended Pink Storm to others based on my positive experience.




Instathrive has been so eye opening and informative. Milla has shown and shared so much of her amazing knowledge and wisdom and this has taken the stress out of posting on social media. She has taught me how to plan for the months ahead and giving me a focus rather than just posting random posts here and there with no real purpose.

This course has been a lifesaver, and I would recommend anyone who is not sure what they are doing on Instagram to sign up with Milla. She is amazing!

If you're looking to enhance your Instagram presence, learn the ins and outs of the platform, and see real, measurable results, InstaThrive is what you need!

Thank you for helping me take my business Instagram to the next level.



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